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Beautiful asset! Can I modify them and use in my commercial game project ?

Yes u can! Credit is appreciated!

How much would it cost if I ask you to draw 10 weapons like tanks, cannons,  missile launchers, 10 missiles, 4 soldiers.

All of them top down with simple animation of moving. The same detail level as it is above (like those gray tanks)

Glad that you like our work, can we discuss somewhere else? 

yes, sure.

I do have recommendations for this pack.
Projectiles - Missiles would be cool to have for the tanks
Destroyed sprites - buildings, tanks, and cars, etc
Additional armaments - mines, machine guns for tanks, etc 

If you update this pack and I bought it at $3.60, would I get all future updates or would I have to pay again?

The update would be free!

Ahhh sweet, well you got a purchase by me!

thank you sir!

looks cool

thanks :D

An Update on this Asset pack would be nice ;)

I agree :D

Hi, what's the tile size please?

48 x 48 px . I can create larger ones depending on your requests.


Can you add more sample please ?